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"Art is not what Art is"


Sharkaroo is a crew of art lovers and experienced blockchain strategists and developers. We help artists, galleries, and professionals start their digital art and NFT projects.

The Sharkaroo Art team doesn't believe in the agency model (except when our clients need us to be). Talented people don't work at agencies, they work for themselves and with likeminded people. That's why Sharkaroo Arts was started as a collective / crew bringing together groups of specialists depending on the needs of the project.

This approach means projects and Sharkaroo Art clients get the best teams in the world at the price of freelance agents.

Sharkaroo Art has no corporate office, yet our remote team organization makes it possible for our clients to hire some of the best blockchain strategists and developers at a moment's notice.

With team members scattered worldwide, Sharkaroo Art caters to projects in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Oceania North America, and Europe.

We help with

The Sharkaroo Art Team provides several service levels starting with a consultative approach to bring you and your team up to speed on the NFT marketplace and then start to frame out and architect the ideal solution to meet your needs.

Development wise, we can create a low-risk solution for you to test the waters, integrate your art with an existing marketplace, or create a bespoke solution that is uniquely yours.